Daniel Coronation Street: Memorable Moments

By Amelia Slater

3rd June 2020

Daniel Coronation Street: Memorable Moments

Daniel’s Coronation Street debut came in 1995 when he was born out of a short-lived relationship between Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne née Black.

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) was born on 4th January 1995. It was discovered that Denise was carrying twins but Daniel’s twin sibling was tragically miscarried during the pregnancy.

Fast forward twenty years and Rob Mallard reprised the role of Daniel on the soap in 2016. Daniel makes a surprise appearance on the cobbles to visit his hospital-confined biological father, Ken Barlow (William Roache).

The father and son had had minimal contact over the years after Ken and his mother Denise separated and Denise moved away.

Of course, the son of Ken Barlow has found himself in the midst of hurricane drama. Here are Daniel’s top 5 dramatic moments during his time on the cobbles!

daniel coronation street

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1. The Time He And Sinead Got Jiggy In The Factory

After things had turned sour with long-term boyfriend Chesney Brown, Sinead Tinker began to grow close to newcomer Daniel and one night they finally gave in to their feelings.

Actress Katie McGlynn, who played Sinead, revealed:

‘Sinead and Chesney have been together forever and she’s just grown up. They’ve been arguing. Daniel sees a quirky girl in Sinead and he calls her mysterious and exotic. The situation with Chesney kind of pushes them together.’

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2. When He Attacked Ken

In a huge ‘who-dunnit’ plot which saw Corrie legend Ken Barlow being pushed down the stairs by a mystery culprit, it is later dramatically revealed that it was his son Daniel who pushed him.

Having been angry at Ken for ‘ruining his life’ after the elder convinced Daniel’s girlfriend Sinead to have an abortion, Daniel lost it.

Later, after an unhinged Daniel confesses to Ken that he was guilty of the crime, he proceeds to entrap Ken in the flat and hold him hostage until the re-appearance of an unlikely visitor comes to the old man’s recuse…

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3. When Wife Sinead Became Terminally Ill With Cancer

In a heart-wrenching storyline, Sinead Tinker is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Having delayed her chemotherapy as a result of her pregnancy, the doctors later reveal that Sinead is likely to only have another few months to live after a long-winded battle.

Just days after discovering her cancer had returned and days after the pair got hitched, Sinead and Daniel are delivered the devastating news.

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4. When Daniel Kissed Bethany Platt

Whilst his dying wife was living out her final days, Daniel seeks comfort in a dangerous and unlikely place after growing close with Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon).

In a shocking turn of events, the pair end up having a smooch!

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5. When Daniel Proposed To Bethany And Called Her Sinead

Just months after Sinead’s untimely passing, her widowed husband Daniel was on a huge downward spiral, consumed by grief.

After rushing to try and move on with Bethany, a drunk Daniel decides to throw the ultimate romantic gesture by proposing to her from outside her window. However, this grand gesture does not go entirely to plan after Daniel stumbles over his words and mistakenly calls Bethany ‘Sinead’.

Fans are reminiscent of the scene in Friends where Ross vows to take thee ‘Rachel’ at the altar when marrying Emily.

Needless to say, Bethany does not say yes.

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Later on, Bethany leaves to start a journalism career in London and Daniel’s family, along with Sinead’s auntie Beth Sutherland (Lisa George), pack him off to a grief retreat in Scotland to try and get him the help and support he needs to cope with bereavement.

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