Gemma Collins Memes: The Queen Of Viral Memes

By Lucy Cooper

21st April 2020

Gemma Collins Memes: The Queen Of Viral Memes

Gemma Collins memes aren’t hard to come by when you’re taking a scroll online. She’s proved herself to be a walking, talking meme these days…

A lot of the GC memes come from her time on reality shows (what she does best), from The Only Way Is Essex to Dancing On Ice, to I’m A Celeb and Big Brother. She really has done it all when it comes to reality tele- she’s TV gold.

Image Source/ bbc

Starting off as one of the OG members of TOWIE, her reality star alter ego ‘the GC’ was soon born. She even has her own reality show now- Diva Forever- so it’s no surprise she’s worth nearly £3 million.

Whether the diva act is what she’s really like behind the cameras, or not, she’s still serving us drama that makes the internet a better place, in the form of GC memes.

Here’s are some of the most iconic to date…

Gemma Collins Memes: Items Not In Bagging Area

I think we can all relate to that feeling when the self-checkout demands you bag items you’ve ALREADY bagged, ten times.

Image Source/ OKmag

Gemma Collins Memes: My Little Pony

This iconic scene comes from her time in the Big Brother house (as do a lot of the GC memes- being locked up in a house really did bring the best out in the GC).

She’ll do anything for a reaction, and it seems this scene got exactly that. Countless memes have come from this, but mainly this splashing your cash on payday one…

gemma collins memes pony

Image Source/ MTVUK


Gemma struggled in the house, not because she was missing her family or friends, but because she had to go cold turkey on the hair styling. The lack of her usual beauty treatments really did go to her head- literally.

After winning immunity in the house, she infamously sacrificed the hot water of the HOUSE, for a professional blow dry. Have you ever heard anything more GC?

gemma collins memes drunk mirror

Image Source/ Pinterest

The GC Doesn’t Wait For Anyone

How do people think of these things? What a perfect caption…

Video Source/ Twitter

Should Have Gone For Next Day

Online shopping is all fun and games until 1. you check your bank account and 2. you’ve got to wait for it to arrive, if you didn’t select next day.

gemma collins memes 3-5

Image Source/ TheSun

Gemma Collins Memes: Risky Texts

This is another of the GC’s iconic moments- the peace and dark shades. Classic.

gemma collins memes risky text

Image Source/ Joyscribe

Gemma Collins Memes: The Queen Of Expressions

Perhaps one of the things the GC is best known for are her ranging facial expressions, making her the perfect candidate for these memes.


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