Rate My Plates: The Very Best Posts

By Kirsty Bachor

13th May 2019

Rate My Plates: The Very Best Posts

Rate My Plate is the trending Facebook group which has amassed over 1.8 million followers, a bunch of people who get together to pass judgement on people’s less-than-appetising (and sometimes horrifying) food creations.

These pics will either make you laugh, cry or vomit – or all of the above.

1. This Terrifying Unicorn Cake

Unicorns aren’t real, so their appearance could be up for debate… But I’m pretty certain they definitely don’t look like that.

rate my plate cake

One Facebook user reported that this cake attempt made her daughter cry.

2. Spicy Noodles With Chilli Beef… Which Looks Like Literal Poop On A Plate

I don’t even think a dog would consider this appetising to eat.

rate my plate noodle soup

Either that, or it actually is dog food.

3. A Potato Waffle Stack With A Twist

The twist being that it’s the most basic thing I’ve ever seen.

chicken nuggets and waffles

This dish was titled “Chicken Dippers and Potato Waffles Stack with a Sprig of fresh Coriander and Tomato Ketchup”. Wow.

4. “Jabbacado” On Toast

This one is actually pretty funny, if you’re a fan of Star Wars. Or of green blobs. Or both.

rate my plate avocado

Avocado on toast is on trend, after all.

5. Next Level Cheese On Toast

This guy just upped the game for preparing a classic dish.

cheese on toast rate my plate

Shame about the bare foot in shot, though.

6. Bacon Coated In… Chocolate!

Bacon is awesome, chocolate is awesome – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they go together.

One Facebook user commented:

“Bacon and chocolate go together like Electricity and Water.”


7. A Stegosaurus Cake That Looks Like Roadkill

I don’t remember seeing this one in Jurassic Park.

It’s the effort that counts though, right?

8. A So-Called “Pasta Surprise”

Is the surprise the fact that it looks completely inedible?

Is it normal meat or dog food?

9. Pie And Mash Or Puke On A Plate?

You decide.

Some users quipped that the pies looked more like ears.

10. This Catastrophic Attempt At An English Fry Up

Bacon, eggs, beans… this plate went viral for all the wrong reasons – and it actually made it on to ITV’s This Morning!

Hopefully not when viewers were trying to eat their own breakfast, though…

11. “Scrambled Egg On Toast” Is Basically Just Raw Egg On Bread

This person knows that bread needs to actually be toasted to count as toast, right?

The egg on the bottom left looks like it’s leaking fluid.

12. Cheese And Nachos Dish Looks Like Vomit After A Bad Night Out

… Which you would throw up after eating something which looks like this.

It’s an insult to one of the best feel good foods out there, quite frankly.

13. Homemade Meatloaf (Allegedly)

I think you would need a hammer to try and get into this.

And then proceed to break all your teeth.

14. This Leaning Tower Of Wotsits

Granted, it’s not disgusting or offensive to look at, but it begs the question – why?

Although it’s perfect for lunchtime Jenga.

15. This Burnt Toast Breakfast

We’ve all overdone the toast at some point or another, but to post it online like you’re actually proud of it?

And don’t get me started on whatever that is floating in the coffee…

16. Fish Fingers, Curly Chips And… Wait, Is That Paper?

Maybe the scrap of paper is the crucial ingredient to saving this mess of a dish?

rate my plate meal

Are those supposed to be beans?

17. A Massive Plate Of Black Stuff

I’m pretty certain all these food items have vastly different cooking times.

But it looks as though the chef put them all in the oven together for around 24 hours.

18. A Roast Which Was Completely Roasted By The Facebook Group

Users couldn’t believe the state of it.

rate my plate meal

I bet that meat is, er… chewy?

19. A Vegan Bacon Sandwich Disaster

This looks so, so dry. And awful. Just awful.

Maybe it tasted better than it looks?

20. Homemade Stew That Looks Like Prison Food

Complete with plastic prison tray to eat it off.

rate my plate

I’m not even sure whether that’s actually butter on that bread. It’s DEFINITELY one of the worst rate my plate (Facebook page) EVER.

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