20 Things You Didn't Know About WhatsApp

By Kirsty Bachor

14th May 2019

You may have heard in news just in that some hackers have decided to make life a lot harder for us and try and infiltrate our WhatsApp – so the first thing you need to do before reading this is update your app to the latest version and keep your privacy secure!

Once you’ve done that, check out these handy tips and tricks below of features you may not have known exist within the handy messaging app, all made to make your messaging life a whole lot easier (and more private)…

1. Avoid Sending The Dreaded ‘Double Blue Tick’ So People Don’t Think You’re Ignoring Them

Sometimes you just want to quickly read a message before you actually have chance to reply – which might not be until five hours later, by which point your buddy has seen the two ticks and now thinks you’re an ignorant SOB who hates them.

To avoid this, go to the Settings menu, then Account, then Privacy, and switch off the ‘Read Receipts’ option.

If you want to be really sneaky, you can switch your phone to airplane mode before reading the message – that way the blue ticks won’t go through.

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