20 Times Food Companies Screwed Us Over With Their Packaging

By Kirsty Bachor

15th April 2019

Let’s face it, food is one of the best things about life – there’s nothing like a good meal or tasty snack, and there’s a reason we invest so much money in it. And with that in mind, we expect to get exactly what we pay for – but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

You’ll be rushing to your cupboards and checking your own goods after you’ve seen some of these outrageous examples of how some consumers have been completely screwed over – let’s hope you’re not one of them!

1. Bags Of Tortilla Chips Revealed To Be Barely Half Full

There’s a lot to be said for shaking around a bag of chips and trying to see how many are in there – you’d expect it to be at least three quarters full, but nope – turns out they have been hiding a whole lot of empty space behind the big logo on the packaging!

I don’t think there would be a chance of a 50% discount, either.

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