The Most Unhealthy Places To Live In The UK

By Lucy Cooper

2nd November 2018

What do you class as unhealthy? Eating rubbish (but the most delicious) food, a lack of exercise, smoking, drinking more than your recommended unit of alcohol per day? (If that’s the case, we are the definition of ill health – woops).

You’ve got to admit, all of these factors contribute to an abundance of those miserable days where you cannot shift the feeling of feeling like the world’s porkiest little chubster.

But yes, we all know how hard it is to drag yourself to that spin class, or to shun that cake in the office on fat Fridays (cheers for baking that triple chocolate sponge Sandra, just what we needed to see one day into our ‘new me’ diet…).

Britain, on the whole, isn’t the healthiest place to live in the world – and you may be glad to know that your home town could actually be the factor behind your unhealthy decisions (we are all for making excuses for those additional fat rolls we have recently accustomed, I will be taking absolutely no responsibility for them).

So…the big question…is your ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ down to where you live, or simply bad choices you are making?

49. Richmond upon Thames

Let’s kick this off with some of the healthier places to live in the UK, starting with London’s greenest borough…

Views for days…

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It’s the only borough in the big smoke that spans across either side of the Thames and was voted the best borough in London in August 2018 – which is pretty good going as there’s 33 of them!

The quality of sports facilities, community spirit and general happiness of the river front abode makes it one of the healthiest places to live in the UK!

48. Wokingham

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A number of factors contribute to making a place a healthy one, from the community feel to the economic conditions of the area.

The deputy director of University College London’s Institute of Health Equity, sang Wokingham’s praises:

“The fact Wokingham is prosperous, has high rates of employment and good schools will all have a dramatic impact.”

Health is your wealth…


97% of residents rate themselves as having good health, with people being happy to invest in their health.

Martin Gibbs, who runs the Vitality health food shop in the town, reveals:

“There are people who come in and don’t mind spending £50 in one go [on supplements and vitamins].” 

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