Why Obama Avoids Talking About His Daughters

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The Obama children became world-famous when their father was elected President of the United States back in 2008. Since then, everything they do has been scrutinised by the press, but there’s still plenty of secrets you don’t know. You may think that you already know everything because you have read countless articles about the Obama family, but there are plenty of secrets that have been hidden from the general public. Even though Obama’s term in office has come to an end, there are still rumours rife about what his two Daughters get up to when he isn’t around.

1. It’s Not What You Know…

Image Source: The Guardian
Image Source: The Guardian

You know when you are looking for work experience and you ask your dad to help you get a job as an intern with his friend who runs a cool business? Yes, well, imagine your dad is Barack Obama. If your Dad is the President of the United States Of America then it stands to reason that you are in the running for a pretty cool job.  Back in 2015, Malia scored the much-coveted job as an intern on the set of Lena Dunham hit comedy series, Girls. Jealous, much?

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