25 Royal Wardrobe Malfunctions

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When the paparazzi are obsessed with you, it is inevitable that they will catch you in a compromising position at some point, as these young royals know all too well. Even the most poised of the Royal family have not managed to escape the media’s intrusion. While the younger Royals are sure to take their embarrassing moments being captured on film in their stride, it is likely that the older generation of the Royal family are absolutely horrified that these pictures have come to light.

1. Kate Middleton


Image Source: All4women
Image Source: All4women


Before Kate Middleton became a member of the royal family, she frequented nightclubs and parties, using taxis to get home. Unfortunately for her, when the press got wind of her romance with Prince William, there were paparazzi on hand to catch all her drunken moments.

Now that the Princess is so much in the public eye, she has calmed down her wild nights out, but that still does not stop pictures surfacing of her various wardrobe malfunctions.

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