23 Times Cameras Caught Kate Middleton Off Guard

Could you imagine being a member of the Royal family? No not like Jim Royle, I’m talking about the actual Royal family. Everything you do is in the public eye, the media try and catch you off guard whenever you leave your house.

It isn’t all bad though, you instantly gain the admiration of millions of people from around the world the minute you are born. You have access to unlimited funds, special privileges and get to visit some amazing places around the world.

Would you do it? Some people just love the privacy and couldn’t handle having everything they say recorded and analysed in the public domain and newspapers. They wouldn’t be up for the paparazzi harassing them on a simple visit to a friends house. Most would go insane at the thought. Not Kate Middleton though, she is an expert at staying sharp and disappointing the press by always being alert. But everyone has their off days, and below are 16 times the cameras caught Kate Middleton off guard.

1. This picture was taken at the Epsom Derby.

This snap was taken at Epsom Downs racecourse in Surrey in 2011.

You wouldn’t have her down as a big horse racing fan, so there is no wonder she looks bored out of her mind.